Benton County, MN GIS

NOTICE! Benton County is now using BEACON by Schneidercorp. This Geomoose site will no longer be available in the near future.

This web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) site provides access to information to be used for reference purposes only. This information is a compilation of records, information and data located in various city, county, and state offices and other sources. It does not replace or modify site surveys, deeds and other conveyances; original and as built engineering plans, and other drawings and/or legal documents that establish land ownership, land use, or on-site structure location.

Benton County makes no representation or warranties, either expressed or implied, for the merchantability or fitness of the data for a particular purpose. Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 466.03, subd. 21, Benton County does not guarantee the accuracy of the material herein contained and is not responsible for any misuse or misrepresentation of the information.

GIS data is maintained by Benton County for its intended uses by Benton County and may be inaccurate for other uses, and any person or entity seeking GIS data from Benton County expressly assumes that risk.

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